That is why Domtar has launched the PAPER because campaign – to highlight the key role paper plays in our lives and the reasons why it’s an environmentally sound choice.


Not Necessarily Ideal

jeudi, juin 9, 2011

This blog on author Nicholas Carr’s Rough Type takes a look at evidence that e-readers and tablets are not necessarily ideal replacements for traditional textbooks.


Productivity Without Power

jeudi, juin 9, 2011

Lifehack’s theme on their web site this past April was “Productivity Without Power” – bringing to mind paper and it’s flexibility and usefulness. 


Praise to the Handwritten Note

jeudi, juin 9, 2011

This article by Brenda Power on gives praise to the handwritten note. 


Status Updates - Not Good For Our Brains

jeudi, juin 9, 2011

The San Francisco Chronicle discusses the growing concern among scientists that the endless stream of emails, tweets, texts and status updates isn’t good for our brains. 


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